Because Only Together We Can Make A Better World For Our Children

About Us

Jeevan Sparsh transform children’s life by educating, mentoring and protecting vulnerable deprived children and youth. Besides empowering through education and skilling -Jeevan Sparsh believes in inspiring, making people self-dependent and enable them to live a life with dignity, choice, and sustenance.

Our Mission: Building a world through providing opportunities through education, health and other means resulting in everyone managing a Sustainable, Dignified and Peaceful livelihood.

What We Do

— We strengthen

We at Jeevan Sparsh strengthen the girls from government schools who belong to a poor background and don’t have money to meet their needs. We strengthen them by providing scholarships and mentoring to continue their education.

— We educate

Jeevan Sparsh provides education to slum children. And along with the education we provide them skill training for instance stitching, beauty parlor so that they can be independent enough to protect their families.

— We provide Care

Jeevan Sparsh provides health care facilities to people who are staying in remote areas and slums. We provide free health check-ups and free medicine.

— We consult

Jeevan Sparsh volunteers provide mentoring support to sponsored girls and the community to motivate and inspire them for further education and skill-building.

— Skill training

We provide skill training like stitching and beauty parlor training to girls and women from slum area.Apart from that according to their interest  we develop skills and provide training.

— Awareness Program

We organise various awareness programs regarding education,health,clean drinking water in various slum and rural areas of various states.  


Sponsor a girl child , educate her to be independent . Rs.12000 provides her scholarship for a year includes mentorship and health facilities.


Slum child will be protected. Rs. 4000 provides education, health, and free medicines.

Health services for rural and slum in india

Health Care

Provide free medical to the community. Rs. 3000 provides free health check-ups, medicine to the whole
community in the area.

Skill Training

Rs. 5000 Provide free skill training to slum girls,like stiching,beauty parlor training and many other trainings.

GIRLS Condition in India

0 %

Girls Dropout Before 12th

0 %

Girls 15-18 Age Group In India Lack Access To Education

0 %

Adolescent Girls in India are Anaemic.

Testimonials from supporters

Jeevan Sparsh is doing a remarkable job of helping those who are deprived. We are on the brink of making India a Superpower and our contribution towards helping others will certainly go a long way in that journey. I strongly recommend contributions to Jeevan Sparsh’s work towards the social empowerment of marginalized people. I wish its staff all the best in future endeavors.

Babulal Bhateja

I clearly remember being visited by two enthusiastic young men from Jeevan Sparsh on my birthday. They were looking for donors who would want to contribute to the education of underprivileged girls. I filled the form to support the education of 2 girls and that was a joyful feeling for me and wife. I am grateful to Jeevan Sparsh for giving me the best birthday gift ever.

Rohit Sundrani

I have been associated with Jeevan Sparsh for a year now. I also support the organization’s efforts to make education a reality for poor children in India. I want to involve myself further with its work.

Nanag Ram Meena

I feel privileged to be associated with Jeevan Sparsh in its fight against poverty. I am really impressed with Jeevan Sparsh’s works in areas of girl-child education and other activities for the poor. I also salute the dedication of their volunteers.

Praful Maheshwari

Great going …Team Jeevan Sparsh!! I am touched by the way you guys are taking care of girls and guiding them to be independent. Thanks for accepting my small contribution to be a part of your endeavor!! Keep doing good !!

Prashant Madan

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