Kaushalya Devi Scholarship

KDF mentors and support the education of girls from underprivileged backgrounds, and help in building their confidence and helps them to be independent young women. Through KDF, we encourage girls to complete their Higher Secondary, graduation, professional courses or vocational trainings.

“Kaushakya Devi Scholarships” is proposed that this is being implemented through the Government schools in various provinces of
India such as Delhi, Hariyana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan and many more. In Rajasthan it has already been started in few cities and it aims to encourage adolescent girls to continue further studies after 10
th by providing them scholarships, mentoring, personality development, motivational seminars and workshops, health checkups, menstruation hygiene and improve wellbeing of young girls. Therefore, this program has a great impact on increasing education level among girls, reduce child marriages, poverty and more skilled people for the society .