Our Story

About 243 million of India’s total population is in the age group of 10-19 Years. And in Rajasthan, it is slightly higher about 23 percent (15.7 million). Adolescence is the transitional period of physical, psychological and physiological development. Adolescence faces many challenges throughout this period such as lack of access to healthcare, safety, lack of education, poverty and many more. The key to address the development of adolescents in India as well as in Rajasthan includes socioeconomic conditions, gender and inequality, and mental & physical health. Due to these issues, 18% of girls Drop out and infect around 52% of girls-only able to reach to higher secondary and rest never go to school again. India’s rank in adolescent pregnancy is 1st and 27% of women aged 20-24 are married before age 18.


Investing in one-quarter of India’s population who are adolescents aged 10-19 now can break the cycles of poverty and inequity. “Kaushakya Devi Scholarships” is proposed that this will be implemented through the Government schools in various provinces of India such as Delhi, Hariyana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan and many more. In Rajasthan, it has already been started in few cities and it aims to encourage adolescent girls to continue further studies after 10th by Providing them scholarships, mentoring, personality development, motivational seminars, and workshops, health checkups, menstruation hygiene and improve the wellbeing of young girls. Therefore, this program has a great impact on increasing education levels among girls, reduce child marriages, poverty, and more skilled people for society.