Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces

Jeevan Sparsh works closely with government school girls who are from poor backgrounds. And we select girls whose family income is less than 2.5 lac. We shortlist those girls and they go through a few processes like written tests, interviews, home visits and after that if they are willing and confident to study further we provide them scholarships every month.

 Apart from scholarships, we organize various workshops for their personal grooming, communication skills, computer training and many more.
Secondly, we are running a few open schools in slum areas where children are not going to any schools. And we provide them education till 5th class and after that, they give private exams from 5th to 8th class. In this way, we associate them with an open school education program. We not only provide them education but girls and women from that community also get much skill training such as stitching and beauty parlor.

So in this way the whole community gets the benefit of the program. And we can also reduce poverty, child marriage and begging by associating with the whole community.

— Our Mission

Building a world through providing opportunities through education, health and other means resulting in everyone managing a Sustainable, Dignified and Peaceful livelihood.

— Our Vision

A world where every once has an equal opportunity to lead a life of dignity, choice, and sustenance.